On February 10th at 1:00 p.m., The Friends of the Seaside Library welcome documentary filmmaker, Ron Walker, who will screen "The Last Rivertown" and "Uppertown Girl."

Longtime Astoria resident Ron Walker is a filmmaker, musician, and artist. 

He learned the fimmaking craft as resident composer for the Film Loft in Portland in the 1980s.  During this period he wrote the music for the Mount St Helens film This Place in Time which is shown at the Mount St. Helens Interpretive center. 

Ron shoots, edits and composes the music for the films he produces.  His films are about people, their hobbies and passions, and often feature historical themes centered on the North Coast.

To make Astoria the Last Rivertown, Walker roamed the sidewalks and waterfronts with his camera.  He searched for longtime residents who would grant interviews for this notable documentary.  He spoke with historians, artists, fishermen and sea captains as they shared their love for Astoria and recounted memories of times gone by.

In Uppertown Girl, the late Irene Gunderson shares vivid memories of her childhood in Astoria.  These were the days before the fire of 1922 when the streets were lit with oil lamps, downtown was built on pilings, and people traveled by horse,wagon, or streetcar. The film illustrates her stories with historic photos, original music and pen and ink drawings. 

Together, the two films create a tribute to the beauty and history of Astoria and her residents.


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Saturday, February 10, 2018 - 1:00pm