EXHIBIT: "WAXING AND WANING" paintings by Shannon Mayo McBride


Beginning February 6, 2018 and running through February 27, 2018 The Seaside Public Library presents original paintings by Shannon Mayo McBride. 


The title of the show is Waxing and Waning and it will hang in the Community Room and foyer.


Like the waxing and waning of the moon, Shannon McBride has always felt a push and pull of the coast and the city. Although she has never ‘lived’ at the coast her family has always had a home there.

Childhood memories of the Seaside carousel, haystack bread and her toes in the sand of the

Gearhart beaches fill her past. Shannon explains that “these memories and traditions have been passed down to my children as they visit my parents who have retired at the coast. The coast will always be home in one form or another.”


McBride chooses to create images that are not representational.  “I create images that evoke

feelings, smells, sights and sounds. The viewer creates their own experience, their own

memories are recalled when they look at the work. My work is about moments. They ignite the

journey that leads me to create complex visual environments that invite others to share in my

experience with art and life. These fragments that inform my work, can be fleeting, a hike from

Seaside to Ecola State Park, a tide pool or the taste of salt water taffy. Each is defined in my

work by the interplay between artist and materials.”


Shannon’s studio practice is informed by these moments of the internal and personal allowing for

accidents, urges and surprises. Composition is both created and exposed while working.  She has

come to entertain a level of unease and thrill that comes from not knowing the end result of a

piece. “The universe is speaking, I listen and create.”